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Are You OK?  Maybe You’re Just Hungry? – Digital Gabe
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Are You OK?  Maybe You’re Just Hungry?

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I have to give kudos to Snickers and its creative team at BBDO for coming up with an ingenious way of turning a digital misstep we all make into a terrific product plug.  It starts with a simple display ad that invites you to get one Snickers bar for the price of two.  Nobody would willingly take this deal, but what if you weren’t paying attention to the fine print or just fat finger clicked into the ad?  Then you’d be greeted by an Old Mark Hamill-looking therapist who’s ready to help you.

The gist of the video that launches upon the click is deep concern over your state of mind.  Since you clicked on an ad to pay double for a Snickers you’re obviously not right.  Maybe you’re just not thinking clearly because of hunger?  Fortunately our friendly therapist is here to talk you off the ledge (his slow/soft delivery is priceless!), and even offers you a better deal with $1 off the purchase of two candy bars.  If you want to watch the ad click into the video on this AdWeek page.

For Snickers this isn’t really about selling product with a $1 off deal.  It’s about drawing you in to the “need a Snickers” narrative in a very humorous and effective way.  Well played!


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