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Bitcoin + Cured Meat = Bacoin

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I need to hand it to the creative team at McGarry Bowen and their Oscar Mayer client for combining the avant garde of cryptocurrency with the king of processed pork to create “Bacoin”.  Yes, Bacoin is a real thing even though it might not be traded as real currency just yet.  All kidding aside, Oscar Mayer has come up with a humorous and brilliant way to pay homage to the current Bitcoin craze by creating its own bacon-based crypto.

As you can see by watching the instructional video (yes!) in the link, anyone can sign up to become a Bacoin trader.  Then you’ll start accumulating Bacoin credits based on how much social sharing of #bacoin you’ve generated.  The bigger the social amplification the more Bacoin you get – it’s that easy!  Then you can redeem your Bacoin stash for Oscar Mayer branded swag and maybe even some free bacon?!?

This isn’t the first time Oscar Mayer has caught a tech trend wave.  Back in 2015 they launched a faux bacon lovers dating app called Sizzl to capitalize on the online dating craze.  It’s sort of a brilliant strategy when you think about it.  Everyone knows what bacon is but it’s a commoditized category.  So why not use satiric humor to make a splash and send your brand into the social-sphere!

And yes, I’m already signed up as a wanna be Bacoin millionaire.  Help me spread the word!  #bacoin #digital_gabe @digital_gabe


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