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BK’s Pink Tax Protest

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I’ve gotta hand it to Burger King and their creative team at DAVID for producing another spoof TV commercial with a strong social message embedded in it.  This time they’re taking on something called the Pink Tax – which is the hidden premiums brands charge for female versions of products which are also sold to men.  (If you need an example of this just swing by a dry cleaners and check out the difference in prices for cleaning men’s and women’s garments.)

To prove the point of Pink Tax inequality, Burger King set up a fictional “Chick Tax” offer where women were sold chicken tenders in a special pink promotional box for $3.09, compared to the generic (presumably male) box of the same tenders for $1.69.  Somehow the female register workers in this hidden camera scene were able to keep straight faces so we could all witness the raw reactions from female customers who were being overcharged.  The video in this AdWeek link is literally a must watch.

BK is using humor to address a serious inequality that women live with every day.  Recently a Congressional member from California introduced a piece of legislation called the Pink Tax Repeal Act, which would give the FTC the ability to fine companies for artificially raising prices on female versions of products.  This legislation is currently pending, which could explain the timing of this creative release.

Kudos to Burger King for shining a light on this issue!


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