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Feathers Fly In Twitter Chicken War – Digital Gabe
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Feathers Fly In Twitter Chicken War

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The humble chicken sandwich isn’t usually a trending topic on social media, right?  But this week it’s been flat out Chick-a-geddon on Twitter as the Great Chicken Sandwich War takes over the hearts and stomachs of the socialsphere.

Here’s what’s going on.  This week Popeyes is introducing their first-ever chicken sandwich.  In a preemptive social strike Chick-fil-A tweeted the initial “Bun Chicken + Pickles” = Love” volley.

Popeyes responded with simple and beautifully snarky “y’all good?”

Apparently all of these chicken tweets (see what I did there?) were just too much for Wendy’s, the reigning Queen of all things QSR Social, to resist.  So they jumped in with a “second best chicken sandwich” jab.

From there all hell broke loose with a twitter altercation involving Boston Market (yes, still a thing!) and the group Smash Mouth (also still a thing).

So who’s keeping score in this chicken melee?  AdWeek of course, who has gone so far as to rank order the winners and losers in this scrum.

In all seriousness, the Great Chicken Sandwich War of 2019 is a terrific case study in the importance of brands’ having a strong social presence, the quick-wittedness to go toe-to-toe with their competitors, and the agility to do it in real time.  Regardless of who wins or losses this one on Twitter, we’re all suddenly thinking about eating a whole lot more chicken sandwiches!


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