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How Brands Get Their Mojo Back

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Over the weekend we were taking picture of my high school daughter and her friends before their homecoming dance.  Between the flurry of smartphone flashes I noticed one of the girls pull out her new Polaroid camera to take some insta-develop pics.  I could believe my eyes.  Didn’t Polaroid die sometime in the early 2000s as digital cameras and then smartphones came on the scene?  This got me wondering – how do brands like Polaroid come back from the brink of extinction and somehow become relevant again?

To answer this question AdWeek is featuring the backstories behind the top comeback brands in recent history.  While every brand has its own journey, there’s a common peak-valley-reinvention pattern with them all.  You’ll be familiar with some of the tech rebounders on the list like Apple, T-Mobile and Twitter.  It’s also great to see some retail stalwarts like Walmart and Best Buy get credit for their comebacks.  And then there’s the recent resurgence of restaurant chains like Domino’s and KFC.

It’s fascinating to learn how each brand faced their own challenges and found a way to reverse their fortunes.  It’s a little longer of a read, so I’ve include a pdf here (Comeback Brands), to read when you have some free time.

Enjoy . . . and remember to say cheese the next time someone pulls out a Polaroid camera.


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