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Solving The La Croix Mystery – Digital Gabe
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Solving The La Croix Mystery

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I need to admit something . . . I can’t stand La Croix water.  I know it’s hugely popular, especially with health conscience millennials, but I’ve never understood the infatuation with this mildly flavored carbonated water.  So I investigated.

It turns out there’s actually a marketing trick behind the popularity of La Croix – it’s all in the packaging.  In the early 1990s when designing their can and carton art La Croix’s contracted a research firm called Meridianai Associates who utilized a technology platform called  “Sticky” by Tobii Pro to determine which colors and designs are most eye-catching and memorable on stores shelves.  Obviously the more a newcomer drink can stand out from the sea of Cokes and Pepsis the better it will sell, right?  The research method rotated La Croix in different parts of the test shelf while testing subjects’ eye movements, tracking the time it took to find La Croix (2.4 seconds) and monitoring its brand recall after viewing the shelves (37% recall rate).   This research led to the wavy looking can designs and faded metallic coloring we all know today.  If you really want to geek out on the study here’s a summary link.

So here’s the bottom line – La Croix didn’t magically become popular because of its understated yet effervescent taste.  It turns out you were being brainwashed all along to pick a La Croix off the shelf.

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