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Challenge Everything… Literally.

Instead of giving up, what if you stayed at the problem no matter what and kept on challenging? 

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Have you ever been ready to give up on something because you thought you’ve tried everything possible but still can’t achieve what you set out to do?

Instead of giving up what if you stayed at the problem no matter what and kept on challenging?

To give you an example of what I’m talking about let me take you back ten years ago to the infamous Blocked Free Throw Attempt executed by Kentucky during an SEC tournament basketball game.

Kentucky was down by one with 1.2 seconds on the clock, and Georgia was at the line to shoot a final free throw.  If Georgia makes the shot they’re up by two.  Even if Georgia misses by clanking the ball off the rim UK will run out of time before they can collect the ball and heave a full court shot.  So the game is effectively over and just about everyone has already given up.

Everyone, that is, except for an eccentric Kentucky coach named Billie Gillespie, who told his center to block the second free throw.  This resulted in a technical foul against UK which gave Georgia one more point (so they’re up by two now), and two more uncontested free throws.  Coach Gillespie was counting on Georgia missing both technical foul shots, which they did.

This gave Kentucky the ball out of bounds with the same 1.2 seconds left.  That was enough time to get the ball inbounded and launch a hail Mary shot.

Spoiler alert – Kentucky missed the shot and still lost the game.  But that’s not what makes this story important.  Regardless of the game’s outcome this is an example pushing harder to keep challenging when others would have surrendered.

Here’s to hoping we all have a little Coach Gillespie in us!

If you’re interested here’s the video link of the blocked foul shot.  I just love the “You want me to do what?” look on the center’s face after the block.

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