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Giving Your VERY BEST

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Have you ever thought you’ve worked as hard as you possibly could but still failed at what you were trying to do?  Yes, we all have.  What if, in those moments, we failed not due to any physical limitation, but because we decided to give up prematurely?  For the sake of this post hold out the possibility that we could unintentionally sabotage our own success by limiting ourselves mentally.  If that’s conceivable then it’s also possible that we can achieve super human things by removing our self-imposed ceilings and just giving our very best.

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about watch this gripping scene from the small budget 2006 movie called “Facing The Giants”.  I can’t tell you what to watch for without giving it away – you just need to invest the 5:36 and watch for yourself.  I guarantee the “death crawl” lesson in this clip will stay with you, and perhaps push you past your own mental limits to give your VERY BEST the next time you’re ready to quit.


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