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How Do You Become The Very Best?

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No matter what industry you’re in, it takes quite a bit to be recognized as the very best in your field.  That’s exactly what a gentlemen named Ben Cabellero, a Texas real estate agent, has achieved for the better part of the past decade.  According to a real estate tracking firm called REAL Trends, Mr. Cabellero is the top residential real estate broker in the US.  In 2018 alone he sold $2.2B billion dollars of real estate from the sales of 5,793 homes – that’s 111 homes per week!  So what’s a day in the life of the top real estate agent in the US?  As it turns out, Ben Cabellero’s secret is less of a magic formula and more of a rigorous daily routine.  Here’s an example:

  • Get Up Early: Despite being 79 years old, Ben still wakes at 5:00a every day to catch up on the headlines and his in box before his team and clients get into their days.  Being an early bird gives Ben a little bit of an edge every single day, which compounded over the years can make a huge impact on his overall success.
  • Team First: As leader of a 22-person team, Ben makes it a point to spend time with his direct reports every morning.  Team meetings or quick check up calls first thing sets the tone for a more productive day.
  • Make It A Ritual: While many of us have a basic routine, Ben is more ritualistic than most about his habits.  Take lunch for example – if he’s not traveling or at a client lunch, he eats at the same restaurant (Luby’s) every day.  This saves time/energy trying to figure out what he’s in the mood for and where to go for lunch every day.
  • Be Original: One thing that separates Ben Cabellero from the rest of the real estate agents out there is a home builder inventory management platform called HomesUSA, which he created from scratch in 2007.  By giving his suppliers better tools he gets all the home listings from 60 different developers in the Dallas area.  If you know anything about real estate, more listings equals more sales.
  • Work Out: Three times per week Ben finishes his day with a personal trainer.  Taking care of your body with basic exercise is just as if not more important than the mental side of your profession.

So there you have it – surprisingly basic tips to become the very best.  It goes to show you don’t need Bill Gates’ brain, Jeff Bezos’ money or Elon Musk’s vision to make it big.  Hard work, a healthy ritual and originality can also get you to the top!


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