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Is The Hustle Good Or Bad For Digital Media? – Digital Gabe
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Is The Hustle Good Or Bad For Digital Media?

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Nowadays everyone has a side hustle.  Uber uses it to recruit spare-time drivers, social influencing blossomed from a hustle hobby into full-time jobs, and even this blog is my own version of the hustle.

There’s no doubt a person using their talent to go the extra mile can produce some amazing results – look no further than GaryVee and his Hustler’s Digest for a great example of this.  But with more and more people in our business going #hustletown, it might be a good idea to stop and think about the purpose and value of the side hustle.

First, let’s start with the initial assumption behind the hustle that your normal 40-50/wk job isn’t enough, and we should all endure some sort of required extra work suffering to get ahead.  This do more than everyone else and showboat about it mentality has even been lovingly nicknamed struggle porn.  But what if you don’t have the time or energy to work longer and harder?  Does this make you less competent than the other guy who does?  Or how about agency employees who charge a client billable hours for their work?  Should they also bill for their side hustle or just work their primary jobs longer to make more money for the agency and themselves?

For me the most important take away about the hustle is that we shouldn’t feel bad or somehow inadequate if we all don’t have one.  There should be some peaceful satisfaction in doing our day jobs as well as possible, and then enjoying the life part of the proverbial work-life balance.  What’s your opinion?


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