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Life Strategies For True Happiness

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If you’re a regular DG reader you know I have a professional crush on NYU Business School Prof Scott Galloway.  In addition to his day job, Mr. Galloway runs a weekly vlog which mingles life skills and business topics.  This past week I caught one of his posts about “finding your gorilla” by focusing on what he calls life strategies.

In the attached YouTube link Scott Galloway dishes advice on 15 aspects of life.  The video is about 10 minutes long but stay with it – totally worth the time.  As he goes through the 15 topics try this exercise with yourself.  Keep track of how many of these suggestions you have achieved or are currently adhering to.  Nobody will get all 15 – by my own personal scorecard I’m following 10 of the credos.  The five I’m missing on are the ones I’ve really started to think about.  Because in life focusing on the things you can improve upon, and not just the things you’re already doing well, is the key to continual self-improvement.

Yes, this list of life strategies is subjective and no, human happiness probably doesn’t come down to just these 15 things.  But it’s a great road map to see how you’re doing in life and where you can focus to become even happier.  I hope you enjoy this one as much as I have.


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