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The Business Benefits Of Being Nice – Digital Gabe
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The Business Benefits Of Being Nice

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Let’s face it, being a hard driver in the business world usually doesn’t go hand in hand with being nice.  But what if you could round out your competitive side with genuine niceness in the work place?  Odds are that would be a strong combination, but is it even possible to do?

It turns out one business leader known for a killer drive has turned into a bit of a softy lately.  Mark Cuban, the original “find your grind” self-made billionaire, has started to see the benefits of being nice to his employees and business partners.  According to Cuban, “One of the most underrated skills in business right now is being nice. Nice sells.”  He continued, “I went through my own metamorphosis . . . early on in my career, I was like bam, bam, bam, bam, bam — I might curse. I might get mad. And then I just got to the point — I wouldn’t have wanted to do business with me when I was in my 20s.”

I tend to believe Mr. Cuban’s thinking on this one.  Hard charging managers are great at building things from scratch, but being that demanding gets old after a while.  Leaders who nurture a culture of respect, fairness, consistency, and even niceness have happier teams who perform best over the long haul.


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