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The Exact Time To Schedule “High IQ” Meetings – Digital Gabe
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The Exact Time To Schedule “High IQ” Meetings

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I think it’s pretty safe to take business advice from Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.  As the founder and majority owner of Amazon, Mr. Bezos has had to tackle his share of complicated business problems over the years.  As it turns out one of his tricks to performing his best during important “High IQ” meetings is when he schedules them – at exactly 10:00 am.

So why 10:00 am?  “I like to do my High IQ meetings before lunch,” Bezos said. “Anything that’s going to be really mentally challenging – that’s a 10 o’clock meeting. Because by 5:00 pm., I’m like, ‘I can’t think about that today. Let’s try this again tomorrow at 10:00.'”  It’s also interesting to note that the very first thing in the morning isn’t best for more complicated meetings either.  “The 10:00 am slot gives everyone the optimal chance to fully wake up and get the blood flowing.”

The best part about this suggestion is that it’s such an easy one to follow.  So take a look at your Outlook calendar over the next few weeks and see if you’re lining up the meetings which require the most brainpower in the 10 o’clock sweet spot.


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