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Who’s Ready To Play Buzzword Bingo? – Digital Gabe
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Who’s Ready To Play Buzzword Bingo?

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We all know that one person in every meeting who tries to look overly smart by using business catch phrases of the moment.  Think back to 2016 when we all wanted better “visibility” on a number.  Or how about not wanting to “reinvent the wheel” in 2014?  Using colloquialisms can be a great way to bring a point to life in a business setting, but overuse can take us into the dreaded land of  buzzword clichés.

For a quick Friday Funday read check out Inc.com’s list of the 40 most overused buzzwords right now.  How many of these are you currently abusing?  In full transparency I’ve been absolutely murdering #7 on the list (thought leadership) lately.  I guess I need to find an alternative asap!

On the other side of the spectrum Inc.com also included the 10 least used buzzwords right now, which may actually help you look smarter because you can zig with your phraseology while everyone else is zagging.  If you work with me get ready for a healthy dose of squaring the circle and kicking things into the long grass in an upcoming meeting.  🙂


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