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Gary V Gets His Audio On – Digital Gabe
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Gary V Gets His Audio On

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Whether you love him or hate him, you have to give Gary V credit for being on the bleeding edge of all things digital media.  So what is Gary ranting about right now?  In a word, Audio.  In his latest blog post Mr. Vaynerchuk dives deep into the rise of Audio Branding, and why it’s so important for marketers to master right now.

Audio branding is the use of a sonic identity to establish the mental image of a brand just by hearing the sound or jingle associated with it.  From the three NBC chimes to the four beat Intel chip sfx, when you hear these sonic IDs the respective brands immediately come to mind.  That’s because they’ve established an audio brand by tagging their ads with sonic IDs over years (even decades) of advertising.

So if audio branding has been around for so long you may be asking why is it becoming important right now?  As Gary V puts it, “In a decade, a percentage of people will buy their product, goods, and services on a voice-first device . . . If you do not start the process right now of branding your respective Chips Ahoy over cookies, what’s going to happen is we’re just going to say ‘Alexa, send me some chocolate chip cookies,’ and the battle becomes which cookies are then sent – whether that’s Amazon’s private label, a Mondelez product, a Nabisco product, etc.”

With examples like this it’s easy to understand why audio branding will be more important in tomorrow’s voice-driven environment than ever before.  Gary V clearly gets it . . . do you?


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