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A Rough Start For GDPR – Digital Gabe
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A Rough Start For GDPR

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It’s been a crazy couple of days since last Friday when the EU’s new GDPR data privacy regulations went into effect.  Here’s a quick recount of just some of the happenings . . .

First came the plummet in programmatic buying volume, which had an estimated decrease of 30-40% over the weekend.  It looks like many brands decided to sit on the sidelines at the beginning of GDPR to see how this all sorts itself out, which led to numerous campaign pauses and outright cancellations.  It’ll be interesting to see how quickly these brands decide it’s safe to jump back in the EU’s programmatic buying pool.

Then came the lawsuits.  An Austrian non-profit called NOYB (yes, that stands for None of Your Business) has already filed lawsuits against Google, Facebook and WhatsApp for violating Article 80 of the GDPR, which prohibits “forced consent” of the publishers’ Ts&Cs.  In plain English, these sites used pop-ups to encourage users to agree to their terms and conditions without offering an option to opt-out.  Given the newness of GDPR there’s no telling how stringently EU regulators will enforce these alleged violations.  If they decide to fully persecute the complaints, and side with NOYB in their decision, it could result in millions worth of fines (already!) for non-compliant publishers.

Keep in mind this stuff has happened since just last Friday.  So get reading for a real roller coaster ride over the next several months!


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