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Broadcast Radio’s Expiration Date Has Been Set – Digital Gabe
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Broadcast Radio’s Expiration Date Has Been Set

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You know that expiration date on a gallon of milk which tells you when you should drink it by?  I’d like propose the theory that media channels also have expiration dates, which is the date they stop being relevant in our society.  According to the latest AudienceNet research I think we can safely time date stamp broadcast radio’s viability at 2048.

Now that I have your attention here’s why I think radio will no longer be relevant in 2048.  As you can see in the data below, listeners who are under 25 years old have abandoned AM/FM radio and are streaming their audio content instead.  That means today’s 25-34 yos are the last group who consume a significant amount of broadcast radio.  Once this group ages out of the coveted 25-54 buying demo (so 30 years from now at the very latest), broadcasters will no longer have the critical scale to compete with other media types.

And one more thing about my 2048 prediction – it’s not like someone will flip a switch that instantly kills broadcast radio then.  Instead it will be an agonizingly slow slide which we’re already seeing the start of.  So imagine drawing a line from where radio is today to something close to zero in 2048.  That’s the journey radio broadcasters will go through as their AM/FM technology is inevitably replaced by internet-based streaming,


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