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Influencers Using Fake Sponsors To Get Real Sponsors? – Digital Gabe
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Influencers Using Fake Sponsors To Get Real Sponsors?

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I’m sure you’ve heard the term “fake it till you make it”, right?  Well some savvy social influencers are taking this idea to the next level with their unusual but highly creative use of not-so-real brand sponsorships.  According to an analysis by The Atlantic, more up and coming social influencers are posting what appear to be sponsored product placements even though they don’t have an endorsement deal with the featured companies.

So why would an aspiring influencer go through the trouble of featuring a brand on their own?  The simplest answer is street cred.  Because if other brands believe companies are paying to have the influencer feature their product, they’ll be more motivated to want to use that influencer too.  Call it a very effective demo tape, or just brands suffering from a severe case of FOMO.  Either way fake product placements on social platforms are on the rise, and they’re actually generating real endorsement deals.


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