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More Paper Diaries, Higher Fees For Radio Broadcasters – Digital Gabe
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More Paper Diaries, Higher Fees For Radio Broadcasters

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Late last week Nielsen unveiled an “Optional Paid-Service Enhancement” to broadcasters in an attempt to improve the paper diary ratings system they still use in over one hundred smaller metros.  When you hear the title of the plan you assume Nielsen is attempting to modernize measurement in these markets either with PPMs or some other tech advancement.  But alas, the solution is just more paper.

Nielsen’s plan to improve paper diary market measurement is to spread out the sampling across 12 months for continuous measurement, instead of the periodic measurement windows they use now.  This means more diaries spread out over more months – which I guess fits the definition of improvement, but just barely.

The punch line for broadcasters with this plan is Nielsen’s announcement that they’re raising the fees they charge by 5-12% to pay for the continued measurement.  That means radio stations can pay even more to fund Nielsen’s crap-tastic paper diary system, instead of getting meaningful modernization of their measurement system.

Gotta love Nielsen!


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