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Out Of Control Ad Clutter

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How many ads are too many in broadcast radio?  I’m not sure anyone knows the exact answer to that, but I have a feeling 16+ minutes of commercials in an hour is probably too much.  That’s the current average ad load for radio stations who carry network programming, according to a recent SNL Kagan study.

The reason network stations are so bloated with ads has to do with the need to feed multiple mouths.  As you can see in the graph below, the major networks sell and run their own ads on participating stations in addition to the ads the stations sell themselves.  The result is an out-of-control double dose of commercials which makes for a pretty awful listening experience.

Sadly, the “too many ads” complaint isn’t just coming from listeners.  Even broadcasters admit they run too many ads, but are also too addicted to the revenue to cut their own inventory levels.  I’d keep writing about this problem, but I think we need to stop now for a commercial break . . . 🙂


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