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Radio Attribution Cat Fight!

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Earlier this week I posted a very thoughtful article from a broadcast radio exec about the methodology flaws and strategic errors connected to the industry’s latest attribution tool.  I applauded Radio Ink at the time for publishing such an objective piece that actually challenges what broadcasters are selling to clients.  But just 24 hours later we’re back in the gutter again.

The day after the original article Radio Ink published a rebuttal piece penned by Dave Ballinger, the founder of the attribution company whose methodology was being called into question.  This guy couldn’t possibly be biased, right?  The article is a point-by-point counterargument of the original piece, but it reads more like a sales pitch than an objective business analysis.

My favorite part of the rebuttal – when countering the point about in-car listeners hearing an ad but not clicking into a website during the 8-minute measurement window, Mr. Ballinger responds, “The truth is that, at an alarming rate, people still use their phones in the car. We don’t like it and don’t condone it, but the IIHS states that 80% of surveyed drivers have used their phones in the car in the past month.”  Using a phone in car is one thing, but we’re to believe listeners hear an ad, type in the URL on their phones, click on the link, and read content on the website . . . all while driving along?!?

Even if you don’t make it through the entire Radio Ink article, at least read the comments at the bottom.  I love it when radio wrestles around in the mud with itself!


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