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Reviving The Lost Art Of Frequency Capping

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Believe it or not when it comes to the frequency an ad is seen, less is often times better than more.  This is especially true for digital media which is notorious for overdosing consumers with the same message over and over, to the point that we start to hate the advertiser.  Talk about the wrong way to spend your ad dollars!  For this reason brands are starting to focus more on frequency capping as a way to manage the number of same ads served to an individual.

For a level set on f-capping consider the norms for traditional media.  Individual TV and Radio stations typically shoot for a weekly frequency of 2-3x/wk.  Keep in mind the typical person watches/listens to multiple stations each week, so even a few commercial views per channel can add up.  On the digital side Facebook has done some research in conjunction with Oracle to track sales response by frequency of ad exposure.  They found an average exposure of 1-2x/wk over at least 10 weeks of a campaign is optimal.

Brands are definitely starting to take action on frequency capping.  From simple f-cap limits on RFP requests to cross-publisher Reach-Frequency monitoring, frequency safeguards are getting more sophisticated by the day.  In the short term this may limit how many ads a publisher can load into a given media plan.  But over the long term frequency caps should provide a better user experience for all of us.


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