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Shift In Media Consumption Foretells The Future

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Yesterday Nielsen released its annual Total Audience Report, which compares media consumption across all different channels and age tiers.  Compared to last year’s report, total daily time spent with media is exactly flat at 10:30.  To put that number in perspective consider the fact that we’re only awake about 16-17 hours per day – and we’re now exposed to media during two-thirds of that wake time.

While overall consumption remained flat, there’s a decidedly downward trend in time spent with traditional media channels, like TV and Radio, when it comes to the 18-34 audience.  In just one year 18-34 yos’ time spent with traditional radio deceased 6 minutes/day, and time spent with linear TV dipped a startling 23 minutes/day.  This correlates with a time migration going directly to digital media, which increased 23 minutes/day over the same period.

I know 10-20 minute shifts may not seem like a big deal on the surface, but when you multiply that daily change by how many 18-34 yos are out there it quickly turns into a massive drop in total hours of consumption for those channels.  Now imagine the same decrease happening year after year, as this group ages up into the key buying demos.

It’s a scary sign for traditional media, to be sure.


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