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Social Surpasses Newspaper As Our Source For News – Digital Gabe
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Social Surpasses Newspaper As Our Source For News

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If you’re looking for an End of Days sign about the newspaper industry this might just be it.  According to Pew Research more Americans now get their news from Social Media than Newspapers.  We’re not just talking a subset like Millennials or mobile users here – 20% of all adults responding to the survey say they often get their news headlines from the primary social platforms including Facebook, Twitter Snapchat, Instagram and LinkedIn.  By comparison, only 16% of us now turn to daily newspapers for breaking headlines.  TV is still far and away the top destination for news at 49%, followed by news endemic websites at 33%.

Over the past 20 years the print industry has been ravaged by digital media.  But even through the worst of times daily newspapers have still played an important role of breaking news stories and providing editorial context.  However, these days even the journalistic side of newspapers is becoming less relevant too.  So you have to wonder if newspapers continue losing readers and advertisers (which are pretty much the only two things a publisher has), how much longer can the whole print sector stay afloat?

Scary times for a once dominant player in the media industry, to be sure.


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