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The GDPR Impact Is Beginning – Digital Gabe
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The GDPR Impact Is Beginning

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Yesterday I received an email from AdExchanger (image below) asking me to re-opt in for the same daily newsletter I signed up for a few years ago.  Why would AdExchanger go through the trouble of asking for permission to send me their emails again?  It’s all thanks to GDPR.

Right now you might be asking “What is a GDPR?”  It stands for General Data Protection Regulation, which is a new package of regulatory guidelines in the European Union that goes into effect on May 25th.  A key provision in GDPR is that brands and publishers won’t be able to use a person’s personal data to serve ads unless they have explicit permission to do so.  Translation . . . if you don’t have first party registered users who have consensually provided their data when they signed up, you won’t be able to target specific users with digital ads.  So what will this mean for the digital media industry in the EU?  One school of thought is that GDPR will be a tremendous benefit to site-served premium publishers who have their own data sets, because brands will have to buy media from them instead of 3rd party networks.  On the other hand those same publishers won’t be able to target their own users by matching to 2nd or 3rd party data sources, which will hurt programmatic advertising in the EU.

Right now GDPR is just a European issue.  However it’s possible the US could adopt similar regulations, especially in light of the Facebook user data scandal.  If you want to geek out on this topic check out my post from a few weeks ago called Winter Is Coming To The Internet.  In the meantime get ready to receive a slew of re-opt in emails between now and May 25th.


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