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The Resurgence Of Audio Creative – Digital Gabe
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The Resurgence Of Audio Creative

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If you work in the audio sector of media I bet you never thought the day would arrive when the humble audio ad unit would become the shiny new toy of the creative space.  For decades audio has been relegated to the sleepy backwaters of agency Creative Departments, where the junior editor was assigned to write a radio script that pretty much matched the TV creative.  But in the span of a few years audio has become an increasingly important format to reach consumer living in a screenless world.

So how did audio make its Cinderella comeback?  The biggest contributing factor is probably the explosion of smartspeakers with their AI-enable digital assistants.  We’re more likely than ever to give voice commands into these devices, which invariably leads to voice searches and even voice purchases.  For brands to maintain a presence in this voice-everything world they need audio, because every other visual-based ad unit is off the table in this new environment.  And as media time and budgets shift towards audio more resources are being put into its creative than ever before.

So yes, audio creative’s day has finally arrived, and I’m betting it’s here to stay!


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