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Voice 101 For Marketers

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We’re in the midst of a Voice revolution, where audible commands are supplanting touch-based inputs on keyboards and screens.  This so-called Age of Voice is being ushered in thanks to a bevy of screenless IoT devices coming onto the market.  Since these devices don’t have screens there’s nothing to see or touch.  Therefore, users must resort to their next available sense, sound, to interact with the devices around us.

So what are we doing on these new voice-enable devices?  More than ever we’re searching, purchasing, being entertained, and learning how to do new things, all thanks to conversations with our digital assistants.  This shift of activity (not to mention media time), is creating both challenges and opportunities for marketers.  So what’s an aspiring brand to do in this new voice landscape?  In this guest authored article in AdAge, DAC’s Nasser Sahlool breaks down the different ways voice will impact user interaction with the devices around them, and how marketers should get ahead of these changes.

From V-SEO tactics, to enabled third party skills, to talk-to-purchase technology, brands need to ramp up their voice game as fast as possible.  This article is as good a starting point as any.  So who’s ready to get their Voice on?!?


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