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Voice Search 101 – Digital Gabe
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Voice Search 101

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As we hurl headlong into a voice search/purchase world, the rules of Search are changing for marketers.  No longer is it good enough for brands to be in the top seven front page listings of a Google search – now they need to be the top one or two verbal responses from your voice-enabled digital assistant such as Alexa, Siri, etc..  As a result of this changing landscape, we’re starting to see centers of voice excellence, like Mindshare’s voice hacking sessions, emerge to help brands cut a path through this new voice jungle.

Are you up to speed with the term voice shelf?  How about first to cart or incidental loyalty?  These concepts are the new currency we all need to master in order to compete in a voice-first world.  How high are the stakes?  According to Jeff Malmad, the Executive Director of Mindshare’s Media Innovation unit, “When it comes to voice shopping, second place is the first-place loser, and brands need to be prepared for that.”  Sounds like a pretty important topic to get ahead of to me!


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