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2020 Will Be The Year Of Mobile Everything

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Here’s a mind-blowing stat for you.  According to the latest eMarketer forecast, by 2020 mobile advertising will make up a greater share of US media ad spending than all traditional media channels combined.  You can see eMarketer’s numbers in the graphic below.  Just two years from now an astounding $113B, or 43% of all the media spending in the US, will be channeled to mobile platforms.

In 2018 Mobile advertising ($76B) will surpass traditional TV advertising ($70B), which in and of itself is a stat I never thought I’d live to see.  Then consider that mobile ad spending is expected to surge another 49% over the next two years to $113B.  (insert jaw drop here)  Remember when we all declared 2013 to be the official Year of Mobile, but wondered when marketers would start investing in the platform?  I think we now have an answer to that question.


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