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Playing Dirty Pool With Mobile Clicks – Digital Gabe
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Playing Dirty Pool With Mobile Clicks

These ads are sneaky—but do they work?

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As if the digital media industry didn’t have enough of a black eye from fake bots and ad fraud, there’s a new problem to worry about.

Intentionally misleading mobile ads which get you to click thru or download an app even though you had no intention of doing so.

For an example of what I’m talking about check out the image below. 

Do you see that fuzz looking blotch pointed out by my blue arrow?  That’s actually a pixel meant for you to click on as you try to wipe the lint from your screen.  The ad’s creators went so far as to place the fuzz image on a pink backdrop so it really stands out.

Think that’s bad?  Check out the other examples in the attached AdWeek link – I especially love the pixel that looks like a hair on your screen.

I know click bait schemes have been around for years, but those links try to lure users to actively click with the promise of some amazing story or picture.  Putting a fake image on the screen in hopes of getting an unintentional click takes things to a whole new level of digital sleaze.

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