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Amazon Releases Its Data Into The Wild – Digital Gabe
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Amazon Releases Its Data Into The Wild

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Amazon has been steadily building the third great walled garden of digital media.  As the premier eComm marketplace they’re sitting on a gold mine of search, purchase and personal data which they’ve successfully used to build an ad business that will someday rival Google and Facebook.  But that data was only available on-platform, so you couldn’t use it to retarget Amazon users when they visit other sites . . . until now.

Earlier this week Amazon announced a major policy change which will allow advertisers to use their data to retarget off-platform, as long as clients utilize Amazon’s DSP to transact the purchase.  This is a smart play by Amazon for two reasons.  First, the data gives their DSP a differentiator from DBM, The Trade Desk, Oath, Media Math, and every other dime a dozen DSP out there.  This will help turbocharge Amazon’s DSP growth.  Second, they’re still controlling how the data makes its way into the market so brands can’t just start buying Amazon’s audience from other pubs unless they transact with Amazon as well.

I guess the nerd herd in Seattle knows what they’re doing after all. 🙂


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