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It’s A PMP World And We’re Just Living In It

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In December, 2017 I blogged about the trend of programmatic buying shifting from Open Exchanges to PMPs.  Now, just 18 months later, we have a prediction about when PMP revenue will surpass Open Exchanges in the US.  According to eMarketer 2020 (aka seven months from now) will be the transition year.

Clients and agencies gravitating to publisher-direct PMPs makes all the sense in the world.  There’s more pressure than ever for programmatic ad placements to be in brand-safe environments.  It’s nearly impossible for Open Exchanges, with their buckets of impressions aggregated from publishers, to deliver this.  The other force driving up PMP transaction volume is the publisher-community getting their programmatic house in order.  Open Exchanges used to win by default when very few premium publishers could run their own prog DIDs.  But now that capability is table stakes in digital media, so brands can freely buy any major pub they desire through a PMP.

Rest assured there will always be a place in digital media for Open Exchanges.  If a client wants cheap impressions and doesn’t care where the inventory comes from there needs to be a market for that.  But more and more brands will continue to choose which specific publishers they do the programmatic dance with, via PMPs.


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