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70,000 Alexa Skills . . . And Counting – Digital Gabe
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70,000 Alexa Skills . . . And Counting

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Amazon’s voice-based AI platform Alexa has been busy growing it’s third party skill library by leaps and bounds in 2018.  In a Voicebot interview Amazon recently acknowledged it had passed 70,000 active skills worldwide, which is up from 50,000 just this spring.

Despite the explosion of content in the Alexa Skill Store, there’s still the three part challenge of; 1) making users aware of particular skills, 2) getting them to activate the skills on their devices, and 3) actually using the skills.  To help nurture this process along Amazon has compiled an informal ranking of the Alexa 2018 Skills of the Year.  Here are a few of my favs:

  • Beat The Intro: You’ll race music experts to guess the title and artist of songs as they start to play
  • Chompers: Kill the boredom of brushing your teeth by listening to short stories which play during the time you should be brushing
  • Animal Workout: Learn to dance like donkey and gyrate like a giraffe with this quirky exercise game

One interesting observation about Alexa’s 2018 Skills list is that they don’t feature brand-related Skills in their ranking.  There are some extremely popular Brand Skills, such Ask Patron (for tequila drink recipes) and Stain Remover (by Tide, of course), but these didn’t make the list.  Far be it from Amazon to voluntarily promote other companies’ brands, right?


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