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All That Outrage At Facebook Might Just Be Hot Air – Digital Gabe
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All That Outrage At Facebook Might Just Be Hot Air

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Over the last 45 days there’s been no shortage of outrage against the evil empire known as Facebook.  They played loose with users’ data and left themselves exposed to nefarious actors who were able to exploit their third party app API to harvest millions of individuals’ private information.  Based on this reaction you’d expect users and advertisers alike to leave the platform in droves . . . but that’s not exactly happening.

According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted during the last week of April about half of Facebook users surveyed say their time on the platform is about the same as it was before the data breach, a quarter say they’re using it less or have left altogether, and a quarter report actually using FB more.  So the net change for Facebook has been roughly flat on a pre/post basis.

It’s also interesting to see that only seven of Facebook’s top 1,000 advertisers have canceled their advertising on the platform.  So much for brand outrage, right?  By comparison Fox News host Laura Ingraham lost over half of her advertisers when she decided to smack tweet one of the Marjory Stoneman HS survivors.  I’m guessing most brands view Facebook as an essential part of their media mix, which is why they have a higher tolerance to stay on the social giant.

Can you hear the collective sigh of relief coming out of Menlo Park right now?!?


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