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Amazon Prime Day Post Mortem

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We’re starting to see some results trickle in from this year’s Amazon Prime Day, which ended on Tuesday night.  Despite a major tech glitch which took the site down for 75 minutes on Monday, it appears that this year’s APD was the biggest ever.  Amazon never gives exact sales totals, but they did release a statement saying they sold over 100M items during the 36 hour window, which would be a record shattering performance for a US retailer.  CoreResearch estimates this year’s sales total was 40% higher than 2017, with $3-3.5B worth of goods being sold.  That’s one heck of a haul for just a day and a half!

Before you get too crazy about that +40% number keep in mind this year’s APD was 36 hours long, compared to 30 hours last year and 24 hours in 2016.  At that rate of time expansion we may be looking at an “Amazon Prime Fortnight” within the next few decades. 🙂  It’s also worth noting that four new countries were included in APD compared to last year.  I guess if you add more hours to the clock and give more consumers an opportunity to buy then sales have to go up, right?

It’ll be interesting to see how Amazon handles APD in future years.  Later this year they’re upping the price of a Prime membership 20% to $119, which could have a dampening effect on user growth.  There’s also an issue of profitability.  Gaudy sales numbers makes for a great top-line story, but if the deals are too good they might not be making much money on the transactions.  More to come on this topic, I’m sure.


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