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Are You Ready For CCPA?

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If you’re in digital media you’ve probably heard the term CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) a few times lately.  The regulation was signed into law by then-Governor Jerry Brown in June’18, but it isn’t scheduled to go into effect until Jan 1st, 2020.  The waiting period was designed to help digital publishers change their data collection and management policies to be compliant within the law.  So now that we’re within six months of enactment it might be a good time to roll up our sleeves on this one.

First of all, what is CCPA?  Think of the regulation as a mini-GDPR (from the EU), which is designed to protect consumers’ digital information and limit how publishers can sell that data or utilize it to retarget ads to users.  The basic gist of CCPA is that visitors to websites operating in California will be required to acknowledge they know what data is being collected about them and opt-in to let publishers access, sell and retarget ads using their data.  The law applies to any publisher with over $25M in annual revenue and has data on at least 50,000 users.  So even lower-level digital publishers will need to comply.

To make things even more challenging other states are also considering their own version of CCPA, but the specific rules probably won’t be identical to California’s law.  This could create a worst-case scenario patchwork of laws national publishers will have to navigate through on a state-by-state level.  If you want a more in-depth pro/con analysis of this situation, here’s a solid summary published in AdExchanger.

Yes, like a slow training coming down the tracks CCPA is on its way.  So now’s the time for digital publishers to either make plans to get on board or risk getting run over.


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