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As The Third Party Cookie Crumbles

As The Third Party Cookie Crumbles

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Web tracking using cookies has been on the slide for years.  Since cookies can’t operate in a mobile environment (you need MAIDs instead), the relevancy of third party cookie vendors has been fading.  Now Facebook may have taken the final bight out of the third party cookies with Friday’s introduction of its new first party cookie tracking pixel.

Here’s how it works . . . advertisers and publishers can opt in to have their ads tracked in Facebook’s data management portal.  Once in they can perform standard tracking and ad optimization measurement of all their ads on FB, without using a third party tracking vendor.

Here’s why FB’s first party cookies are so important.  Since web browsers like Apple’s Safari, Mozilla’s Firefox have introduced ad blocking to prevent third party cookies from working its harder than ever to track user activity to a site or ad unit.  By launching their own cookies, FB has a work around which can collect and pass back usage data, as long as the advertising partner opts in to their system.  Pretty smart.

My guess is we’ll see other major pubs introduce their own cookies to keep up with FB, and the era of third party cookie companies will officially come to an end.


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