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Could Google Create Its Own GDPR Compliance Standard? – Digital Gabe
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Could Google Create Its Own GDPR Compliance Standard?

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There’s a fascinating game of chicken unfolding right now in European digital media with just 10 days until the new GDPR regulations kick in.  Up until now the assumption has been that all publishers will use the IAB Europe’s new GDPR protocol, which provides a uniform way for the industry to comply with GDPR.  Publishers have been completing the IAB’s certification process with the understanding that everyone needs to be on board by May 25th.  But curiously, and now alarmingly for the IAB, Google has yet to start the certification process.  So what’s going on here?

The industry is speculating that Google won’t participate in the IAB’s framework at all, and instead roll out their own GDPR compliance protocol.  Publishers who adopt Google’s framework would make them “co-controllers” of the data users consent to give publishers – effectively granting Google an even tighter grip on data across the EU.

What’s crazy about this situation is that the IAB seems to be caught off guard – I think they just assumed Google would participate in the joint industry initiative like everyone else.  However, it looks like Google has other plans.  And since they’re too big of a player to work around, publishers will be forced into a two-standard solution for Google’s system and then the everyone-but-Google IAB system.  #messy


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