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Do You Get Your News From Social Media? – Digital Gabe
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Do You Get Your News From Social Media?

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Let me admit something up front – I don’t get my news from any of the social media platforms, and don’t even think of them as a source for news.  But apparently I’m in the minority according to the latest Pew study.  Based on this research an astounding 68% of Americans get at least some news through the Socials.  I’m guessing the operative word in the survey question was “some” – I highly doubt anyone gets all their news from Facebook or the like.

It’s also interesting to see how the different demos rely on the various pubs for news.  Women lean on Facebook and Snapchat, while Men are getting their headlines from Reddit and LinkedIn.  In fact, Twitter is the only social pub with gender parity at 51-49.  There’s also a significant difference in social use between races, with Whites more heavily relying on Facebook and Twitter, while Non-Whites (Pew’s term, not mine) going to Instagram for their news.  You can see a few other data cuts in the graphic below.

I’m not totally sure what the difference in usage patterns by gender, race, age, and education really means.  Regardless, it’s impressive to see just how much news we’re getting from the various Socials.  It also underscores the importance of these publishers keeping their content clean, since any news coming from these sources influences so many Americans these days.


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