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Facebook’s Data Breach Kills Plans To Unveil Smartspeaker – Digital Gabe
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Facebook’s Data Breach Kills Plans To Unveil Smartspeaker

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Yes, Facebook was planning on debuting its first voice-enabled smartspeaker at its upcoming app developer conference in May.  But those plans have been shelved thanks to the data breach fiasco.  During focus group testing users expressed concern about FB’s speaker being able to collect data while in passive mode by electronically “eavesdropping”.  And that feedback was given before the data breach – so you can imagine how big of an issue that would be now.

In fairness to FB other smartsmeaker platforms like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home have already been accused of listening in on our daily lives.  To date there haven’t been any known examples of either company exploiting the data collected from their devices’ passive listening.  But then again, neither company has blatantly broken the trust of their users the way Facebook has.


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