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Facebook’s Music Licensing Mystery Solved – Digital Gabe
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Facebook’s Music Licensing Mystery Solved

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Over the past few months Facebook has been racing to sign up labels and publishing groups with new music streaming licensing agreements.  This has led to considerable industry speculation about what they might do with their new performance rights.  Well now we know – it’s part of a new Instagram product feature.

Thanks to some super sleuthing between Tech Crunch and Musically, it looks like Instagram is testing a “music stickers” concept which could let users add songs to their posts.  Listenable music stickers could be used to enhance any post – imagine throwing your favorite song in as the music bed for even the most amateurish video post to suddenly make it look cool.

Back in 2014 Snapchat was rumored to be starting its own music service which would have given them the licensing rights needed for the same kind of song insertion functionality.  However they abandoned those efforts to focus on other product innovations (insert Spectacles wise crack here), and now it looks like Instagram is stealing another page from their playbook.

To date there’s been no comment or indication of timing from Instagram on the launch of music stickers.  But the clues are there – so you might be able to add that Rocky theme to a video of yourself running up some stairs in the very near future.


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