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Getting Outshined By A Newer Toy – Digital Gabe
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Getting Outshined By A Newer Toy

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Go back in your mind all the way to 2015.  If you were anywhere around digital media then you know how hot Snapchat was.  All the big brands were lining up to secure their own custom Lenses integrations, and Snap recruiters were poaching employees from publishers across the US, especially in the “Silicon Beach” part of LA.  My how things have changed in just four years.

Now there’s an even shinier new toy on the social scene.  Tik Tok is a is short-form, video-sharing app which allows users to create and share :15 videos on any topic.  Does this sound similar to early days Snapchat?  While Tik Tok is a relative newbie in the US, its parent company Bytedance already runs a Chinese sister app known as Duyin, which has over 300M MAUs in Asia.  So these guys already know what they’re doing.

As US adoption of Tik Tok starts to ramp up, so does their ad sales hiring.  And you guessed it, Tik Tok’s prime target for Sales talent is Snapchat, who’s being picked over by the upstart.  This feels like a bit of turnabout karma, as well as a cautionary tale about chasing jobs at the next app du jour.  I bet in about 3-4 years a new app we’ve never heard of will be stealing employees from a fading Tik Tok.

And the digital cycle of life goes on . . .


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