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Google Changes Up Its AdTech Acronyms – Digital Gabe
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Google Changes Up Its AdTech Acronyms

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I know . . . about 20 minutes ago you finally figured out the difference between DBM and DCM, and now you’re feeling on top of the confusing array of acronyms Google uses for its ad stack nomenclature.  But don’t get too comfortable just yet, because our friends in Mountain View are changing up their naming conventions yet again.

Here’s a summary of what’s changing:

  • Google Adwords is being replaced with Google Ads (which will effectively become the “front door” of their entire ad buying platform)
  • DoubleClick and Analytics 360 are being eliminated and will be replaced with Google Marketing Cloud (so now are we going to confuse this new “GMC” with the light duty trucks GM makes?)
  • Google Ad Manager is also going away – not totally clear if this functionality is vanishing altogether or if it’s being rolled into the new Google Marketing Cloud?

Even Google acknowledges their ad stack’s naming conventions have been a mess for years – remember gems like AdSense and TrueView?  This is mostly due to Google keeping the inherited platform names from companies they’ve acquired over the past 10-15 years.  Hopefully this cleanup will make things a little easier to keep track of in the long run.  In the meantime I need to make some new flashcards. 🙂


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