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Is Amazon About To Split The HQ2 Baby In Half?

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We’re a year into Amazon’s HQ2 derby and everyone is anticipating the big reveal sometime between now and the end of the year.  The two finalists are reported to be Arlington, Virginia and Long Island City in New York.  While Jeff Bezos and crew have positioned the HQ2 process as a winner take all jump ball, there’s a growing school of thought that Amazon might set up shop in both locations.  If that happens they’ll end up with something more akin to regional offices than a true second headquarters.

If you think about it this might have been Amazon’s plan all along.  Consider the benefit of having all those cities compete (giving free land, tax incentives, etc.) for one big prize.  Then, after you’ve seen everyone’s best pitch, you decide to split your build out in multiple markets.  Odds are you’ll still get most of the original perks, and then get access for different labor markets, transportation hubs, etc. as the gravy.  Feels like a pretty savvy negotiation move to me.

Keep in mind this is still a guessing game.  Amazon could end up announcing a full HQ2 build out wherever they want.  But if they do end up splitting the baby remember you heard it here first.


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