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Security Bug Kills Google+ – Digital Gabe
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Security Bug Kills Google+

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Yesterday Google announced it was killing it’s underperforming messenger platform Google +.  The service only had about half a million users worldwide, and the average session time was under 7 seconds – which is just enough time to tap in, figure out you’ve gone into Google+ by mistake, and then exit out.  However Google isn’t killing G+ due to underperformance.  Instead a major security bug doomed the platform.

In March (yes, six months ago) Google discovered a bug in their code that could have exposed users’ Google+ registration data to hackers.  Google didn’t tell anyone about the bug (!!!), probably in hopes of avoiding its own Cambridge Analytica moment.  As of today it’s unclear whether or not any hackers were able to scrape Google+ data (I don’t think we’ll ever know), but the threat of exposure was so great that Google decided to kill the platform altogether.

Does this make anyone else wonder how many other publisher bugs are out there that we don’t know about yet?  #yikes


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