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Snapchat Goes Upscale With “Select” Ad Platform

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As I reported a few weeks ago, Snapchat is beginning to refocus its sales efforts on larger brand partnerships, instead of the all-programmatic self-serve portal they’ve been using for the past few years.  To accomplish this they’re taking a page of out the Duopoly’s high-end video network  playbook.

Ahead of this year’s Newfronts, Snapchat is introducing “Snap Select”, a pool of premium video inventory which can be reserved upfront at a guaranteed CPM, and then transacted programmatically throughout the year.  This packaging is designed to appeal to large-scale video buyers of national brands who want to include OLV, but need to insure a quality environment and be able to lock in quantities and set rates in advance.

We’ll have to wait a few days to get details on Snap Select.  How will they decide which content gets into this pool?  And, of course, how much of a premium will they be asking for?  More to come . . .


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