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Snapchat’s Creator Community Is Fed Up – Digital Gabe
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Snapchat’s Creator Community Is Fed Up

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If you’re a social platform you really have three constituencies.  The first two are obvious – users who provide addressable scale and advertisers who help keep the lights on.  However, there’s also a lesser known but equally important group of creators who provide meaningful content which helps keep the users coming back.  Creators aren’t hired by the Socials, but they participate in a mutually-beneficial dance which keeps the entire platform going.

Now that you have the Social-Creator relationship down, let’s talk about Snapchat’s growing riff with its creators.  According to AdWeek several of Snapchat’s most prominent creators are getting fed up by the lack of support and are starting to complain about it on the other Socials.  One creator put a point on it by saying , “They suck.  They always sucked. They’ve never been nice to us. They literally sucked from day one.”  With friends like that who needs enemies, right?

The obvious problem for Snapchat is if it’s creators of the most interesting custom content on the platform become disenfranchised they’ll shift their energy to the competition.  This will result in less cutting edge content on Snap, which will make it stale and could eventually result in a MAU decrease.

Feels like Snapchat should be putting out some creator love, asap!


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