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The Next Big Social Platform Is . . .

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Quick question – which Social has 200M MAUs, including an average of 8M on platform at any one time, with visitors averaging 10 hours of use per week?  Maybe you’d guess Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram?  How about Fortnite?  Yes, that viral game of the moment is quickly emerging as a powerful social platform, with enough scale and user engagement to be meaningful for marketers.

So how does Fortnite work as a social platform?  To understand that you need to be familiar with the game itself.  Fotnite’s battle royale’ format drops 100 players at a time from a flying bus onto an island for a 20ish minute last-person-standing fight.  While players are waiting to play the next game they’re hanging out on another bus together, which is where the social interaction happens.  They’re group chatting about everything from game tips (I still don’t know what a “chug jug” is), to what’s happening in their lives that day.  While the conversations are effectively happening between 100 online strangers at a time, they’re bonded into a cohort of people engaged in an activity together – which seems a lot more interesting that just looking at someone else’s vacation pics on Facebook.

Right now Fortnite doesn’t give brands the opportunity to engage with gamers during this chat time – they’re only monetization channel is selling in-game currency known as “V-Bucks”.  I’m guessing that may change as more users start spending time cross-communicating while they play.


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