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Twitter Users And Revenue Up In Q1 – Digital Gabe
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Twitter Users And Revenue Up In Q1

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On Tuesday afternoon you may have heard some happy tweets coming from Wall Street as Twitter announced its Q1 earnings.  During the first quarter worldwide DAUs increased to 134M, compared to 126M in Q4’18 and 120M in Q’18.  Revenue also increased 18% YoY to $187M.

One interesting aspect of Twitter’s revenue growth is their monetization of data licensing.  While they don’t go into details about how and who they’re selling to, or how much they make from selling their user data, it’s a really dicey game to be in.  As Facebook discovered in 2016-2017, even unknowingly giving their data to third parties can have hugely negative repercussions.  Look no further yesterday’s announcement by FB that they’re setting aside $5B to cover anticipated FCC fines over their data leaks.  I’m not suggesting that Twitter is doing anything that egregious with their off-platform data sales, but the risk of some unanticipated consequence is always there.

Regardless of the data wrinkle, it’s nice to see the little blue bird rallying!


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