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Video Ads On Netflix? – Digital Gabe
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Video Ads On Netflix?

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Over the weekend a mini-controversy broke out over the rumor that Netflix was starting to serve video ads to its subscribers.  The brewhaha began with some Netflix users posting about their newfound ad experiences on Reddit, and it quickly snowballed as several viewers grabbed the pitchforks and lit the torches for a social assault on the video streamer.  The gist of their complaint was over getting ads served on a subscription platform that bills itself as being ad free.  As a result Netflix quickly released a clarification of what the viewers were actually seeing between shows.

The “ads” are actually skippable show previews served by Netlfix’s content suggestion algorithm  The idea is to suggest shows based on viewers’ browser history as a way to improve the overall customer experience.  Obviously this is hugely self-serving for Netflix, who gets to run non-stop house ads in the name of browsing.  Right now Netflix isn’t selling these promotional spots, so I guess they’re not technically ads.  However it’s not much of a stretch to imagine them eventually selling these placements to entertainment studios.  When that happens we’ll officially have ads on Netflix.


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